Improvisational Theatre Skills Term 2 -Theatre Terrific-

This class will teach you the fuindamentals in improviational theatre, this is a great opportunity for students to explore new and exciting ways to express themselves on stage. This class is still open to new students, you do not need to have attended our previous term to attend these classes.

Teacher: Matthew Kowalchuck

Date: Wednesday's from May 9th to June 27th 2012

Performance at Vancouver Japanese United Church June 27th 2012

Time: 7 to 9pm

Location:4010 Victoria Drive Vancouver,V5N 4M9 Click here for MAP


Class Cost: $20 Per Student Per Class (8 Classes)


Two ways to register:

#1 - Call the Theatre Terrific office at 604-222-4020 - Monday to Friday 9 to 5pm
#2 - Email Theatre Terrific's General Manager Leah Bradford-Smart at



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