Yogability at With Our Own Two Hands for children living with special needs/autism【Steveston BC】

Yogability is an adapted yoga class for children with special needs to improve their movement, comfort in their physical bodies, ability to self soothe, and social interaction with others. Designed and taught by Robyn Emde, registered Occupational Therapist and Yoga Therapist of Yogability Therapy (, this class facilitates physical activity, sensory integration, balance, body awareness, flexibility, fun, and more! Children of all abilities are welcome, caregiver support may be required depending on the specific needs of your child.


Robyn Emde is a yoga therapist & occupational therapist. Her background is in physical & mental health rehabilitation, paediatrics, disability management, & yoga – this informs her fun & functional approach to teaching kids with special needs. She believes that yoga is for everyone, and uses her work and experience as an occupational therapist and yoga therapist to teach accessible and stimulating classes for children of all abilities. Her classes pay particular attention to movement, sensory integration, relaxation, self- soothing techniques and more!


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