TORONTO, ON (January 17, 2013) – Autism Speaks Canada announced today that it has awarded more than $530,000 to fund 30 Canadian charitable organizations that provide key programs and support services which enrich the lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The grants awarded support four key areas of need: education, recreational and community activities, young adult and adult services and equipment/supportive technology.

This is the third year of the Family Services Community Grants Program, which has now awarded more than $1.5 million in grants to support programs and services in Canada. In 2012, three organizations in British Columbia received funding, totaling $64,599 in grants. Burnaby’s ACT – Autism Community Training received a grant of $22,500 to support their 9th Annual Focus on Research Event to enable researchers in B.C. and Alberta to reach out to educators and community-based clinicians working with individuals with ASD and their families.


“At this time last year, the prevalence rate of autism diagnosis was 1 in 110. Today, that prevalence rate has increased to 1 in 88, making access to vital programs and support services more important than ever for families affected by ASD,” said Jill Farber, Vice-Chair, Board of Directors of Autism Speaks Canada and Chair of the Family Services Community Grants Review Committee.


Funding for the Family Services Community Grants is made possible through the support of national and Walk Now for Autism Speaks-specific corporate partners like Toys”R”Us, Babies”R”Us, Mega Bloks, Equitable Life, Spin Master and KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation as well as the tireless efforts of fundraisers, walkers and volunteers who take part in Walk Now for Autism Speaks events across the country.


Recipients of the Family Services Community Grants are listed on the Autism Speaks Canada website. Information and applications for the 2013 Family Services Community Grants program will be available in February on the Autism Speaks Canada website and is open to all Canadian charitable organizations that provide programs and support services to the ASD community.



 ・Autism Speaks Canada Community Services Grant or their press release.

 ・9th Annual Focus on Research or register online 

      (Autism Community Training)


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