発達障害と電磁波④ It Just Makes Sense – The Link Between Wireless Technology and the Rise in Autism

Autism is an increasingly common neurological disorder that usually results in abnormal development of social interaction, communication skills and processing of sensory information.  There is a considerable amount of debate and scientific study on the cause of autism and parents are growing increasingly impatient for answers. Could this be part of the puzzle?

When my daughter was diagnosed with autism, I wasn't very surprised. She had been displaying many of the signs for some time: mainly, the hands flapping, and the delay in language skills. Like any parent facing this, I wondered how and where all of this could have started.
I had done the research regarding the theories on autism – and my daughter, Kiyana, was the exception to almost all of them: (1) she has never been vaccinated, (2) she was exclusively breastfed, (3) she has never had an ear infection, (4) she has never taken any antibiotics, (5) she has never had any dairy products, (6) I avoided fish and shellfish during pregnancy, (7) took large doses of all the prenatal vitamins, and (8) I wasn’t given pitocin during labor. All the commonly attributed factors did not seem to apply to her.
Then, in November of 2007 a study came out describing a possible link between autism and microwave electro-magnetic radiation (EMR) the high frequency microwaves emitted by cell phones and other forms of wireless technology [1] The study suggested that EMR inhibits the nerve cell’s ability to clear toxins – most notably heavy metals – from the body, which thereby augments the onset of autistic symptoms. Biomedical researchers have found that people with autistic spectrum disorders have a difficult time efficiently excreting toxins from the body, a process known as methylation. The researchers in this EMR-Autism study set out to find out the cause of this impairment.
Essentially, excretion of toxins – specifically heavy metals – was tested by taking skin, urine, hair, and stool samples from children with autism. Initially, most of the subjects excreted very low levels of heavy metals. However, according to the test results, with a controlled reduction of exposure to EMR in the treatment areas and the subjects’ homes there was a demonstrable increase over time in the levels of heavy metals excreted. Thus, it was found that by diminishing the patients’ EMR exposure, their ability to detoxify metals from the body increased. The study concluded that exposure to EMR could impair a person's ability to detoxify heavy metals from the body.
The science and logic here was hard for me to reject. For us, the conclusions of the study made a lot of sense. We were among the early adopters of modern technology. We abandoned our landline phone in favor of cell phones well before that was a popular practice. From WiFi to wireless video baby monitors, we had them all. I had heard about cell-phone risks, but I assumed they were minimal and actually believed they were limited to only when holding the phone to one’s head or another body part for extended periods of time. I certainly never would have expected a home WiFi system to have any effect on her. A wireless baby monitor a few inches from where she slept that we virtually never turned off only seemed like what every responsible parent would use. Yet, here I was faced with some pretty harsh evidence that these may have been the“things” contributing to her autism.
Moreover, the numbers simply add up.  Looking at the increase in the prevalence of autism over the past twenty to thirty years and then at the increase in the numbers of cellular-telephone subscribers, the parallels are hard to ignore. A study from the journal Medical Hypothesisentitled “Out of time: A possible link between mirror neurons, autism and electromagnetic radiation,” by Ian M. Thornton [2] showed the correlation between children with a diagnosis of autism attending US schools and US cellular phone sales, during the period 1992–2003. The correlations between the two were quite substantive.
We were naturally looking for only those things we can sense with our five senses of smell, taste, touch, sight, and sound. However, we were leaving out one thing -- the invisible threat – the threat of EMR which can affect us in ways similar to chemical substances. And their impact – if one takes a serious look at all the research out there – appears to be quite significant.
There are also parallels in biological effects. Thus far, there haven’t been many studies linking wireless radiation to autism; however, there are a number on studies showing the biological abnormalities found in autism that parallel the several studies showing the biological effects of wireless radiation. When you look at the two together the results are striking.
The table below outlines what I have found so far. It is almost certainly only a partial list. The odds of these correlations simply being a coincidence are at least very unlikely.


While it would be premature to suggest that wireless radiation is the sole cause of autism, there are compelling correlations that are worthy of inquiry. Hence, I am suggesting that we need more research on this subject –by people with a moral commitment to help our children, a good understanding of bioelectromagnetics, and a good understanding of the physiological dynamics of autism.

I would like to clarify that this article does not intend to offer any vindication for vaccinations. I believe that vaccines and RF create a lethal combination. For some children, like my daughter, toxins in the environment along with high doses of RF were enough to create neurological problems, and I shudder to think what further complications she might have had if she had been vaccinated. In California, when thimerosal was taken out of vaccines statistics showed that autism rates dropped (Geier, 2006) [32]. This was not a surprise to those of us who know the toxic nature of thimerosal . Months later, the autism rates rebounded so they were higher than ever before (Schechter, 2008) [33]. Could this be that the increasing amounts of wireless radiation plus the remaining toxins from vaccines and the environment were the cause of this upsurge? It is a very plausible theory warranting investigation by ethical researchers.


Many of the anecdotal theories make sense when considering the impact of RF on autism. A recent study out of Cambridge University found that autism diagnoses are more common in information technology-rich regions (Baron-Cohen 2011) [34].  Researchers have hypothesized that people who work in technology fields are more likely to carry genetic characteristics of autism and pass those genes on to their children. This is commonly known as the“geek syndrome” theory (Silberman, 2004) [35].  Is it the gene or is it that engineers and computer specialists more likely to be early adopters of wireless technology? Studies have shown that children from affluent school districts are more likely to be diagnosed with autism (Kaiser, 2008) [36]. Is it only due to the quality of the health care and education in those areas or are those families more likely to have high levels of wireless radiation around them? A study out of UC Davis found that if a mother, while pregnant, lives within 309 meters of a freeway, the child is twice as likely to have autism. (Volk, 2010) [37]. Could this have anything to do with the fact that virtually every freeway in America has cell phone towers every few hundred meters? Anecdotes indicate that the Amish are less likely to have autistic children. Is it possible that they are exposed to less wireless radiation than most Americans?  Demographic patterns in the use of wireless technology are changing and as wireless technology becomes more ubiquitous these tendencies are naturally likely to change.

With these many possible factors, shouldn’t we be moving into this wireless age with the utmost care and caution? For example, shouldn’t we be seriously considering the worst-case scenarios of having WiFi and other wireless radiation emitting devices in our schools, daycare centers, and homes?
Our children and future generations are counting on us. The more we unravel the puzzle causing this condition, the more we can do to help our children recover and help future generations grow and develop as nature intended.
Nancy Sarangan graduated from Trent University with a BA in 1993. She is a massage therapist and a nutrition consultant. She is currently a stay-at-home mom of a beautiful little girl. She lives with her husband and daughter in Ohio.
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