Mother slams police for HANDCUFFING her daughter after she bit her because she is autistic and has the mental age of a five year old【UK】

Police have come under fire for handcuffing a young woman who has autism and the mental capacity of a five-year-old.

Toni Williams, 20, was left with bruises on her wrists after officers refused to remove the cuffs.

Her mother Leigh Williams insists they should never have handcuffed a vulnerable adult and has now issued a formal complaint against Merseyside Police.


Officers were called to their house in Birkenhead, Merseyside, after the 20-year-old became over-excited and bit her mother and hit her.

She alerted a social worker, who, together with a community nurse, insisted they call the police.


Ms Williams refused to call police herself to deal with her own daughter, but other relatives did.


She left the house before they arrived, leaving her relatives with Toni as they waited for officers, and later joined up with her at Arrowe Park Hospital, on the Wirral, Merseyside.


She said: 'She kept apologising and asking me to take the handcuffs off - I asked the officers but they kept telling me 'No.'

'They need to be aware and know how to deal with a situation involving a vulnerable adult - they shouldn't have put the handcuffs on in the first place.


'They said Toni had bitten one of the officers, but when we were at the hospital, they wouldn't remove the handcuffs

'It was as if they thought she was still a danger to them - but she was in the hospital.

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