Autistic adult aline when Mom or dad dies【CANADA】

Internationally governments and doctors have looked on as autism consumed a generation of children.  No one in authority has ever expressed alarm.  There's never been a demand for answers.  Officials readily admit that there's nothing they know for sure about autism and nothing they can really do about it.  Meanwhile, a generation of disabled children is entering adulthood with nowhere to go.

This adult woman with autism is 43.  Her circumstances are dire.  This may be happening in Canada, but it'll be the same here.  All those who've assured us for years that an epidemic of developmentally disabled children is normal and acceptable need to tell us what we're going to do.

Aug 12, 2014, Ottowa Citizen.

Jennifer is 43. Her mother, Cecile, was her main caregiver until she died in April, struck by an aneurysm at age 79, and dying on Easter Sunday. Her father, Arnold, is 90, a retired school caretaker, but so gnarled with arthritis and heart disease, he can barely get from his bed to his recliner.

"I feel helpless," he said.

This has left the bulk of the care to Caroline, 60, her sister, who lives in the white house with the big wood stove, about five kilometres from Eganville, on 140 acres of hay and tough sledding....

A report by a study group last fall said there are 12,000 people with developmental disabilities waiting for supportive housing.

The consequences for families can be crushing, the report said. Chiefly, there is burnout. The report called for enough funding so that any parent over 80 could be assured of placement of their disabled adult child within six to 12 months.

A committee of MPPs also called for an end to service wait-lists, which can stretch years, and pointed to housing as an urgent need....

News Source:2014.8.22 Age of Autism